Monday, August 6, 2012

pODI first light - a sneak preview

While we plan to have official pODI first light tonight, weather permitting, we were a bit fearful of discovering some difficult problem in front of an audience.  So - on Friday, we opened the dome for an hour to make sure that we could focus, point, etc.  Our first light preview went remarkably well, though we have done no quantitative analysis of the details yet.  We only obtained a couple of images and inspected them.  Here, for your viewing pleasure, is an image of M13, 30 seconds through the r' filter, no guiding.

Todd and Daniel

This is the central OTA (about 8 arcmin square) of the 3 X 3 central array.  All of the images here have been overscan-subtracted only.
This is the central 3 X 3 array of OTAs (about 24 arc min square).  There are 3 non-working cells.  The interesting artifact is the ring, which is centered just above the field center.  This appears in dome flats as well, and we are trying to figure out what this is and how we can remove it. 
This is the full field of pODI.

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