Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Watching the grass grow

Kitt Peak is very green right now.  The rain and overcast continues, and so I decided to delay the start of my two days of sitting in the control room until Friday.  The weather report for Friday night is partly cloudy, and for Saturday night it is clear, so hopefully.....

In the meantime, Daniel has been up working on adjusting OTA voltages, and Andrey and Erik Timmermann, from the NOAO Science Data Management group, have been installing and testing out the observing GUI that Erik has developed.  Downtown, I have been working on getting the filter inserts made  that will hold NOAO Mosaic filters (5.75 inches square) - no, I'm not cutting metal, but negotiating the schedule with the machine shop. Also, thanks to Di and Charles Harmer, I located a Schott UG 5 filter that we can use for adjusting the positioning of the ADC.

Next Monday we have a visit from the Stargrasp group - Peter Onaka and Greg Ching - who will help us with final tuning and hold a series of training sessions for the mountain engineering group.

I hope to have something more exciting to report in a couple of days.


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