Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still here, in the clouds

The new week did not bring the weather improvement we were hoping for. The afternoon gave us rain and rainbows, and the clouds keep loitering around throughout the night. The small holes in the clouds have not permitted us to open the dome, yet.

What is to be done, then? I went though some older images and worked on the software module that will one day autonomously find guide stars from a short snapshot image. The same tool also allows to find stars in a longer exposure, and based on the star's size to then automatically to judge the image quality.  I came across  one shorter (60 seconds) r' band image that seemed to have a delivered image quality more around 0.55'' throughout the image. 

As the clouds might finally break up, it would be nice to demonstrate what ODI can do with long exposures. Let's give it another hour.


View from the WIYN parking lot.

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