Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First day of packing

We spent a lot of the day getting organized.  Translation: things didn't go as quickly as I hoped.  But, all in all, we made some progress and we are in good shape for our two transport days -Friday and Tuesday.  The ISP is almost ready.  It's on its shipping cart, all shrouds and covers are installed, and the shutter is attached.  Tomorrow we will finish the ISP crate and get the forward corrector crate done.  We also will try to get the myriad of smaller items - cables, hoses, bolts, tools, power supplies.... ready to go.  Picture below is Mark guiding the ISP onto it's shipping cart.  You can see the springs under the legs of the cart to protect it from shocks.  We will attach accelerometers to each of the three big pieces to make sure that they are handled gently.


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