Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Second day of packing

Got the ISP crate assembled today (see photo below), and tested Gary's lifting fixture for the crates.  Much of the smaller stuff is ready to go - some in containers.  We had a meeting to develop a good procedure for installing the filter modules on the arms (see other photo below).  Tomorrow, we load most of the smaller stuff onto the KPNO cargo truck with the forward corrector crate.  It will go up Friday at 8 AM and will be unloaded in the WIYN dome.  Monday we will finish crating up the Dewar, and the big truck will show up in the afternoon for loading before next Tuesday's early morning trip up.


Plastic wrapped ISP on its cart as crate is assembled around it,.  (Photo by Mark)
Gary, Daniel, and Chuck Gessner working out procedure for installing filter holders

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