Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another hauling day

Today was a long and eventful (in the most positive sense) day. As planned, the ODI truck left the NOAO facilities around 6 am, arriving at Kitt Peak shortly before 8 am. By 10 am the two crates carrying the dewar and instrument support package were staged on the ground floor at WIYN. The shock loggers confirm a very smooth ride again – thanks to a very diligent driver and Gary Muller's well designed crates.

Before lunch both crates were unboxed and both ODI parts lifted to the dome floor. There we verified all the moving parts of ODI (they move!) and inspected the two prisms in the instrument. We conclude that there is no transportation damage evident, and ODI has been cleared for installation tomorrow. 

Finally, we got the ODI data acquisition computer installed in WIYN's computer cabinet, and Andrey has started to integrate it into the local network.


Pictures below are partly by Heidi Schweiker. Pete Marenfeld took some more professional pictures that we hope to post soon. 

The truck approaches Kitt Peak

Charles Corson lifts the ODI dewar in the WIYN dome.

Andrey Yeatts installs the ODI data acquisition computer.

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