Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why a blog?

Today, in our weekly ODI team meeting, I said that next week would be our last meeting.  We will be getting ready to pack up ODI, ship it to the mountain, install it on the telescope, and begin commissioning activities.  I said that at that time, we would begin daily briefings to track status and to plan the upcoming work.  My idea had been to record those daily briefings on Google Docs, but Dick Shaw suggested that we try a Google blog instead.  That would allow interested people in the WIYN community to subscribe to the blog and keep up with our progress in a fairly simple way.

So, we will try this.  We (Todd or Daniel to start) will record items of interest in this blog.  After a short trial run with a limited readership, we will announce the blog to the Board and SSC, and to other appropriate groups.


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