Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glycol System & Filter Modules

Today's larger achievements include Mark and Charles'  test run to install filter modules (with aluminum blanks instead of real glass!) into the instrument. The first two filters are scheduled for installation this Friday, with the remaining two filters following early next week.

Before the filters will be installed the glycol cooling system will be fully tested. Today the glycol system was filled up, and air is bleeding out right now. The instrument heat exchangers will see glycol tomorrow, but they have been already successfully tested in Tucson. 

While everybody else had fun up therein the dome, Andrey I spent most of the day in the control room configuring user IDs to work well with the network file system and writing shutdown procedures and alike. Doen't make good pictures, but it is important since we are approaching the time when Kitt Peak personell will start to look after ODI while the team is not on the mountain. 

Tomorrow we will finish up the instrument connections and attach the power supply box. Thursday we should be able to operate detectors for the first time on the mountain. 


Charles inspects the filter arm.

A first filter module  is installed in ODI. The yellow protective covers and lifting fixture are still attached. 

Flushing the glycol cooling system. As a precaution, ODI is covered with plastic sheeting.

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