Friday, July 20, 2012

Shipping Day 1

The WIYN telescope ready for ODI
After a smooth ride (the shock logger on the forward corrector registered a maximum load of 0.75g), the NOAO cargo truck carrying the precious ODI parts arrived at 10 am at Kitt Peak. While waiting for the truck to arrive we took a sneak look at the telescope. The WIYN port is empty and ready for pODI with all the supply lines (including the new 30Amp power line). 

Once the truck arrived we wasted no time to start unloading, and it took us less than an hour to move all the crates and boxes inside the WIYN building. This completed our primary mission of the day. 

But why stop there? We used the time to set up the new ODI observing computer (2x30 inch displays, why would you settle for  less?), installed the computer rack in the computer cabinet, and started fit-checking and testing some equipment. As we speak, Gary and Charles are installing the interface shim (a giant washer) to the instrument rotator on the telescope.

Finally, a little cricket seems to be in the control room, cricketing along, and provides is very own soundtrack.


Unloading of the truck.
Gary, Charles, and Heidi demonstrate
the ODI lifting fixture

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  1. Nice. Wish I could have been there. Really!